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Medina Palais Montréal


Illuminate your world with the charm of the Maghreb.

leather ottoman

Bring the Moroccan way of life to your home with our authentic leather poufs.

Tea set

Moroccan Tradition, Tea Celebration

At Medina Palais, craftsmanship is a passion.

Welcome to Medina Palais, your go-to destination for authentic Moroccan and Tunisian craftsmanship! Explore our selection of unique treasures, handcrafted by talented artisans.

To add a touch of brilliance to your interior, discover our mosaic table and hanging lamps, true works of art that illuminate every corner of your home. But that's not all! Medina Palais also offers a wide range of Moroccan and Tunisian handmade products, including babouches, tea sets, comfortable poufs, tajines for your delicious dishes, vibrant cushions, original clothing, magnificent mirrors, pottery, and handwoven carpets. Browse our online collection now and bring a touch of Maghrebi charm to your home!! Discover our authentic craftsmanship for a one-of-a-kind and cozy interior.

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