Medina Palais is a Moroccan and Tunisian shop of crafts located at the Plateau-Mont-Royal on the street Saint-Denis. It was created in 2006 by Tarek Ben Ghorbal, a young tunisian who came to study in Quebec in 2003. Having been born in a family of craftsmen and grown in the souks of the medina of Tunis and after having finished his master's in finance from the University of Sherbrooke, he then decides to reproduce the atmosphere of the souk in a Moroccan and Tunisian shop in Montreal which bears his name .

Indeed, the word medina is used in the Maghreb countries to indicate the old neighbourhood of the city. A magic place where all the craftsmen and the small business owners meet to form souks specialized in leather craft, pottery, fabcric, hammered copper, traditional clothes, carpets, babouche slippers and oriental decoration.

Visit our Moroccan and Tunisian shop and you will ,on the spot, travel in the souks of the medina of Morocco and Tunisia and we will make you discover all these wonders in Medina Palais of Montreal. Described often by our customers as Ali Baba's cave, you will find in our shop the beautiful Moroccan poufs , Morrocan babouche slippers, Morrocan lamps, tea sets, tagines, djellabas, Moroccan tunics, Berber carpets, leather bags, silver jewelry...

Many of our crafts are made by craftsmen of our family, in leather and pottery workshops.

Take a trip to the souks of the medinas of Morocco or Tunisia and discover the wonders of their craftsmen,

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