Moroccan poufs

Find here the Moroccan leather ottomans in several shapes and models. Round Moroccan ottomans, square Moroccan ottomans, tall Moroccan ottomans for sitting or low Moroccan ottomans for feet. Moroccan moroccan in leather or Moroccan ottomans in fabric. Simple Moroccan beanbags or embroidered, colorful Moroccan beanbags or even embossed Moroccan beanbags. All these models of Moroccan poufs are available in our store or online on our site. Our leather poufs are leather goat and handcrafted. Leather tanning is a traditional plant tanning giving a choice of colors ranging from the more traditional and classic as brown to the most modern as fuchsia, purple or blue. The poufs are handmade and sewn. They can be used to sit, as footrest or for decoration. They are sold and shipped empty and are padded by the customer. We suggest padding with old clothes or simply with newspaper crumpled paper balls.

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