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Small Moroccan teapot
Small Moroccan teapot

Small Moroccan teapot

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A Moroccan teapot, also known as 'nawla' or 'tetera' in Arabic, is an iconic object in Moroccan culture, used to prepare and serve mint tea, a highly favored traditional beverage in Morocco.


Materials: Traditional Moroccan teapots are commonly made of metal, particularly copper, brass, silver, or metal alloys. They may be adorned with silver or nickel inlays or hand-engraved motifs.

Design: Moroccan teapots are recognizable for their distinctive shape. They often feature a rounded, bulbous body, a handle, a curved spout, and a lid. The teapot's surface is frequently embellished with chiseled, hammered, or engraved patterns, providing a unique aesthetic and highlighting artisanal craftsmanship.

Functionality: The design of the Moroccan teapot is specifically tailored for brewing mint tea, a traditional beverage in Morocco. The elongated spout enables precise and controlled pouring, often executed from a certain height to create a delicate froth atop the tea during serving.

Usage: To prepare tea in a Moroccan teapot, typically, green tea leaves, fresh mint leaves, and sugar are placed inside. Hot water is added, and the mixture is left to infuse on an open flame, allowing the flavors to blend, resulting in a fragrant and sweetened tea, ready to be poured and enjoyed.

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